Annual Report Highlights Research Intensity at Trent University


From the Board of Governor’s Meeting – June 25, 2009

Annual Research Report 2008-09

The Board of Governors received the annual Report on Research for 2008-09.  The report confirmed that Trent University faculty continue to maintain above average performance for research grants awarded and the number of scholarly publications.   The report both confirmed that Trent continues to display strong research performance in the Environmental Sciences and Materials Science fields which will play a central role in Trent’s new Centre of Knowledge in the Environment.  The summary also affirmed that Trent’s research activities are strategically aligned with the federal government’s Science and Technology strategy and the activities of the provincial Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Report from Senate

The 2008-09 Report from Senate highlighted a number of accomplishments.  Some of these highlights include:

  • A streamlining of the Senate committee structure by combining the Senate Budget committee with the Academic Planning committee
  • The adoption of a work plan for Senate
  • The appointment of Tom Jackson as Trent’s 10th Chancellor
  • The approval of the Academic Dishonesty policy

Retiring Board Members

Mr. David Morton, chair of the Board of Governors, acknowledged the service of retiring Board members.  The following Governors were thanked for their service to the University community: Deb Nichols; Professor Orm Mitchell; Michael Gough; Brian Hamlin; Pamela Jeffery; Larry Popofsky; Adam Henley; and Allison Fisher.   

Tribute to President Patterson – Last Board of Governor’s Meeting

Mr. David Morton, chair of the Board of Governors, paid tribute to departing President Bonnie Patterson at her last Board meeting:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to both serve on and chair this Board with Bonnie as this institution’s president.  Bonnie leaves behind her a legacy of strong leadership, deep commitment and a record of outstanding achievement after serving as Trent’s president for the past 11 years.  Her exemplary service has set a new standard of excellence and I know the whole Board will agree with me when I say that this institution owes her a debt of deep gratitude.  Bonnie, we wish you all the best in the future.”

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