Trent University Receives $20.7 million in Knowledge Infrastructure Funding from Federal and Provincial Governments


Targeted funds to expand new DNA and Health Sciences Centre and address deferred maintenance

Monday, June 1, 2009, Peterborough

Quick Facts – Module D

  • $10.8 million federal
  • $9.9 million provincial
  • 49,000 sq. ft.
  • 200 jobs
  • 30 % Reduced energy consumption - ESB

Trent University welcomed today’s news of a $20.7 million investment in infrastructure funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to expand the University’s new DNA and Health Sciences Centre, which is currently under construction at the DNA Building.

The funding is part of a joint federal-provincial announcement of $1 billion in new infrastructure money for 28 universities and college projects in Ontario.

“This significant investment in the expansion of Trent’s Health Sciences Centre will provide long-term benefits to the Peterborough community and Trent,” said Bonnie Patterson, president and vice-chancellor. “The infrastructure funding will advance the University’s Facilities Renewal Plan in a very meaningful way. Our students and faculty will gain access to high quality facilities to pursue the teaching and research excellence for which Trent is renowned. MP Dean Del Mastro and MPP Jeff Leal are to be commended for advocating on behalf of the University and securing these investments for Trent and Peterborough.”

The creation of ‘Module D’ addition to the DNA Health Sciences Centre will be supported by $10.8 million from the federal government and $9.9 million from the province. The total cost to construct the Health Sciences addition is $41 million. Module C, the first part of the centre, is currently under construction, and Module D will be physically connected by March 2011.

The expanded DNA and Health Sciences Centre will house the Trent-Fleming School of Nursing along with several social science departments, including Psychology and Anthropology. The centre will also be home to emerging initiatives related to the federal government’s Science and Technology strategy including: enhanced life sciences capacity, sustainable and healthy communities, forensic sciences, sustainable agriculture, and environmental sciences. Proposed new graduate programs in Psychology and Sustainability could also be located in the building.

Trent University will experience many benefits from this infrastructure investment including:

  • Improved use of existing research and development space
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduction of emissions
  • Upgraded health and safety features for research and development activities
  • Enhanced incubation facilities for industry and research
  • Increased capacity to train students in advanced knowledge areas

The Knowledge Infrastructure funds will also be used to address long-standing deferred maintenance issues in the University’s Environmental Sciences Building (ESB). Through planned upgrades, the current energy consumption in the ESB will be reduced by 30 per cent.

The ‘shovel ready’ Module D project is expected to generate an average of 200 new construction jobs for the area. Construction is set to begin in June 2009.

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For more information, please contact:
Don Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs and Government Relations, (705) 748-1011, ext. 6181