Trent Business Students Raise $7,400 to Date for Friends of Honduran Children


Annual Donation Drive Supports Medical Brigade While Developing Students’ Fundraising Skills

Thursday, May 14, 2009, Peterborough

Inspired by the efforts of former Trent student leader Virginia Portmann, a beneficial partnership has emerged between successive groups of Trent University business students and Friends of Honduran Children (FoHC) that has generated $7,400 in donations while developing students’ fundraising skills and civic engagement.

In the fall of 2007, Ms. Portmann, a Nursing and Business Administration student, was invited to Professor Kathryn Campbell’s third year business class (ADMN 350) to ask students for their help in funding Ms. Portmann’s work on a medical brigade in Honduras with the Friends of Honduran Children (FoHC). FoHC is a Peterborough based charity with a 25 year history of helping the people of Honduras through medical and building brigades, as well as child sponsorship and educational initiatives. Ms. Portmann’s fellow students were inspired by her commitment and helped to raise over $3,600. All their activities were voluntary and not for course credit.

Encouraged by last year’s experience and with ongoing inspiration from Ms. Portmann, Prof. Campbell asked this year’s ADMN 350 students if they thought they could match last year’s FoHC contribution. A dedicated group of student leaders took up the challenge and raised over $3,800. At the same time, the entire class was involved in discussions about the campaign and about the importance of civic engagement. The money raised helped the children of Honduras and the involvement in the fundraising process helped students to appreciate how they could indeed make a difference.

According to Prof. Campbell, if the world is viewed as a village of 100, 50% of the population is malnourished, 80% is living in substandard housing and 70% is unable to read. “These numbers show in startling clarity the halves and the have nots”, she said.

Students from this year’s campaign spoke passionately about their experience. Jennifer Walsh, a third-year Trent business student said, “I feel that it is important for students to get involved in initiatives like this because, as students in Canada, we are extremely fortunate. Even a little bit of money or effort can go a long way in making the world a better place.” Evelio Alanis Marcos, an international student from Mexico, praised the work of his fellow students saying, “Trent University students have proven to be an active bunch in getting involved with the Peterborough community in regards to solving poverty, environmental and other justice issues.”

ther demonstrate to students the importance of giving back and to aid students in their fundraising efforts for Honduras, Prof. Campbell worked with Richard Morgan and the staff in the University’s Advancement Office to deliver ‘Fundamentals of Fundraising’, a two-evening, four-hour seminar, as a pilot project to some 20 students. The seminar was well received and there are plans to offer the workshop again next year.

Other groups around the University have also recognized the excellent work being done by FoHC and, over the years, the relationship between Trent University and FoHC has become a strong and important one. Allison Grierson, office coordinator for FoHC says, “We are very grateful to all the students for their hard work. It’s also great to spread the awareness of what we do.”

To date, many Trent students have contributed to the work of FoHC. For example, Nursing students have provided medical assistance on medical brigades; IMPACT leadership students have participated in building brigades for the past two years; and Trent Students Offering Support (Trent SOS) have raised money through offering examination preparation sessions.

Through all initiatives, partnering with Friends of Honduran Children has given many Trent students the opportunity to become more active and caring citizens and together we have worked to make a world of difference.

Photo caption: Trent Business Administration students celebrate raising over $3,800 for Friends of Honduran Children with Professor Kathryn Campbell (left) and Allison Grierson from FoHC (right).


For further information, please contact Professor Kathryn Campbell, Business Administration Program, at (705) 742-0948.