Trent University Establishes Shawn T. Callaghan Memorial Prize


New Student Award to Help Undergraduate Students Pursue Study Abroad Opportunities

Thursday, April 16, 2009, Peterborough

Trent University announced today that a new student award, the Shawn T. Callaghan Memorial Prize, has been established to support undergraduate students who wish to pursue study abroad opportunities.

The prize, valued at $1,000, was created by the Champlain College Cabinet in honour of Shawn Callaghan, a student at Champlain College who died hiking in the Swiss Alps in 2007. The prize will be awarded annually to one or two Champlain College students planning to travel abroad for research, service-learning or study opportunities.

“Shawn was a very adventurous and curious student, so we hope this award will inspire other students to further their knowledge and see the world beyond the doors of Trent,” said Liam McGuire, who befriended Mr. Callaghan while serving as his student don at Champlain College. “Through helping these individuals succeed, Champlain College will be made stronger, and more community members may achieve success and follow in the path of Shawn.”

To qualify for the award, individuals must be registered as a full-time student at Trent University, and have been affiliated with Champlain College for a minimum of one year. Criteria for selection will be based on high academic achievement, and the content of the research, service-learning or study opportunity proposed by the student applicant must be associated with an academic discipline at Trent. The financial aid of the grant is intended to assist the applicant with travelling expenses related to their international educational opportunity.

“The Shawn T. Callaghan Memorial Prize aims to not only celebrate Shawn’s life, but to recognize the potential future leaders of Champlain College in his spirit,” explained Dianne Lister, Trent’s vice president of external relations and advancement. “This award embodies the spirit and values of Trent by memorializing a student’s adventurous nature and love of learning in such a unique philanthropic way.”

Shawn Callaghan was a vibrant young student, who began his academic career at Trent in 2006. An emerging leader within his community, Mr. Callaghan came into his own during his time at Champlain College, and by the end of his first year had established himself within the community through his charisma and intelligence. To further his career in teaching, Mr. Callaghan took a teaching and leadership position in Switzerland in 2007, and began to expand his horizons to greater extents. A great tragedy and loss beset Mr. Callaghan’s family, friends, and the Champlain community on June 3, 2007 when he passed away pursuing his lifelong hobby of hiking in the Swiss Alps.

The first prize will be awarded during the 2009-2010 academic year.


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