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Trent Professor Dr. Terry Humphreys Named President of the Canadian Sex Research Forum


Tuesday, October 14, 2008, Peterborough

picDr. Terry Humphreys, assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Trent University, was recently elected the new president of the Canadian Sex Research Forum (CSRF) for a two-year term.

“It’s wonderful to have been nominated, I’m thrilled about it,” said Professor Humphreys, whose research focuses on attitudes and beliefs about sexual consent, first sexual experiences, and sexuality information and the use of the Internet.  “This organization is poised to move ahead in significant ways, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to share the growing scientific knowledge about human sexuality.”

Prof. Humphreys explained that the CSRF has seen considerable growth in its membership over the past three to four years, especially from new student members.  “It’s great to see the next generation of researchers, clinicians, and educators expanding the frontiers of sexual science and bringing this new knowledge to the CSRF’s annual conference.”  Prof. Humphreys is currently working with a number of Trent students who are hoping to present their research at the 2009 conference in Halifax.

The CSRF was founded in 1974, and has as its focus, the encouragement and dissemination of information related to teaching, research and clinical activities of Canadian researchers and professionals involved in areas relevant to human sexuality.  Its primary objective is to foster an interdisciplinary exchange in the area of human sexuality, and to encourage scientific research in this domain, specifically in the area of sexual behaviour.


For further information, please contact Professor Terry Humphreys at (705) 748-1011, ext. 7773