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Trent Contract Faculty Union Selects Adam Stibbards for 2008 CUPE Teaching Award


Psychology Course Instructor to be Presented with Award at CUPE’s Fall Meeting

Friday, April 11, 2008, Peterborough

Adam Stibbards, course instructor for Psychology 341H (Advanced Abnormal Psychology), is the winner of the 2008 CUPE Award for Excellence in Teaching, as chosen by Trent University’s union for contract faculty, CUPE Local 3908 Unit 1.

Through this award, Mr. Stibbards is recognized for his teaching, mentoring and support of undergraduate students. Mr. Stibbards, who has been teaching at Trent since 2005, was honoured at a recent internal awards ceremony on March 31, and will be formally presented with the award at the union’s Annual General Meeting this fall.

A graduate of Trent University, Mr. Stibbards also holds a diploma in Education from the University of British Columbia and a Masters degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Recalling his time at Trent as an undergraduate student, Mr. Stibbards said, “I always knew that I wanted to return to the area after my undergraduate years at Trent. I loved the land and had such a life-expanding experience — through relationships with peers, but also with several professors that made a huge impact on me. Working at Trent now feels like a privilege, but also an opportunity to offer what I was offered — the challenge to learn how to think for oneself.”

“He is an insightful lecturer, an accessible peer who supports his students, and an approachable instructor who creates an inclusive classroom environment that is conducive to thoughtful class discussions. Adam embodies the ideals of a CUPE instructor,” said Dr. Graham Murphy, chair of the CUPE Awards committee.

In response to being selected for the award, Mr. Stibbards commented, “I believe that each of us must construct our own knowledge and that this happens through engagement with ideas and exchange with others. My classes would never work if it wasn’t for the students — they have been eager to wrestle with the material and make it their own, instead of just hearing me talk about it. That the students have nominated me is a great honour — to me it says that they have been affected by our classes as much as I have.”

Mr. Stibbards’ students are equally impressed with him. One student nominator stated, “He does everything to make sure that students learn the concepts in his class by always including students in the class discussions.”

The CUPE Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to honour the work of contract faculty within the Trent community, providing students and colleagues with an avenue to express their appreciation and respect for the high quality of teaching provided by them.
Previous recipients of the award include: Brent Wood, English Literature (2007); Melanie Buddle, History (2006); Fred Pulfer, Mathematics and the School of Education (2005); Graham Murphy, Cultural Studies (2004); Wendy Kelly, Psychology (2003); Jim Cosgrave, Sociology (2002); and Jill Smith, Women's Studies (2001).


For more information, please contact:
Adam Stibbards, Trent University, (705) 748-1011 x7635; or
Karen Sutherland, CUPE President, (705) 748-1011 x6070