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Trent University Celebrates Important Milestone Today


December 5 Marks 50th Anniversary of Reginald R. Faryon’s Letter Calling for the Creation of an Institution of Higher Learning in Peterborough

Wednesday, December 5, 2007, Peterborough

Today marks an important milestone in the history of Trent University – the 50th anniversary of a letter written to the Peterborough Examiner by Reginald R. Faryon, the president of Quaker Oats at the time, calling for the creation of an institution of higher learning in Peterborough.

Published in the Examiner on December 5, 1957, Mr. Faryon’s letter to the editor argued for applying monies gained from the sale of the Public Utilities Gas Franchise to an outside gas company to the creation of a Junior College in Peterborough.

“Let us invest in something really big—the Junior College which will pay dividends for generations to come and benefit directly, or indirectly, every man, woman and child in Peterborough,” he wrote.

“It was with an incredible amount of foresight that Reginald Faryon wrote about the impact a new post-secondary institution would have on this community. He envisioned a post secondary institution that would put Peterborough on the map and provide new and important educational opportunities for members of this community and beyond and that is what Trent University has become,” said Trent University president and vice-chancellor Bonnie Patterson. “As we look to the future and prepare to celebrate Trent’s 50th anniversary in 2014, it is only fitting that we celebrate this important piece of our history today.”

“It’s amazing that just 50 years ago the Peterborough community began to rally together to form what is now Canada’s premier small university,” said Darren Murphy, publisher of the Peterborough Examiner. ‘It is another example of the tenacity and foresight of the people of Peterborough that remains ever present to this day. Trent University has become a pillar of our community and an incredible asset to our area.”

Reginald R. Faryon was an original member of Trent’s Board of Governors, and a strong proponent of what is now Trent’s Symons campus. He is also the namesake for Trent University’s famous Faryon Bridge.

To view a complete copy of Mr. Faryon’s letter visit the Trent University Archives web site.


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