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Strategic Directions 2014 document highlights ideal student population of 10,000, growth in Oshawa and in graduate studies enrollment, and a renewed Research Plan

June 21, 2007, Peterborough

At its year-end session today, Trent University’s Board of Governors approved an update to the institution’s strategic plan "Strategic Directions 2014."

As the definitive roadmap that encompasses the academic and administrative priorities for the University, Strategic Directions 2014, sets out the course toward Trent’s 50th anniversary and crystallizes the various planning processes. Among its highlights are:

  • To sustain the University’s size at under 10,000 students focusing on the success of the individual student through learning-based relationships with faculty and through the development of competencies in critical thinking, problem solving, communications, ethics and social issues
  • To excel in providing flexibility in degree design, allowing students to create unique double majors and degree mixes to meet their one-of-a-kind goals
  • To increase choice in Graduate Studies programs and double enrollment of graduate students, while maintaining its renowned niche as a highly successful undergraduate university
  • To be an exceptionally internationalized campus, implementing a strategy to integrate international dimension into all undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Based on a Research Plan, to be one of the most research intensive universities in Canada for its size, focusing on well defined centres of knowledge that spark innovative interdisciplinary success
  • To improve quality in key areas: entering averages of incoming students; study abroad opportunities; expansion of hands-on/service learning opportunities; enhancement of information technology, and facilities
  • To have an involved and engaged community with students learning by doing, making connections to the community, connecting through a revitalized college system, and benefiting from strong institutional connections with alumni

Dr. Susan Clark, vice president academic, authored the original strategic directions document and today’s new, updated version looking toward 2014.

"The plan lines up with Trent’s vision to develop a learning environment which ensures that the individual student is knowledgeable, thinks critically, is socially conscious and is prepared to make a difference in society," said Prof. Clark. "By maintaining our modest size, encouraging connections with faculty and the community, growing our graduate studies capacity, and keeping research performance at the high level for which we’ve become renowned, Trent will fulfill this vision. Essentially, it’s our roadmap to success – and it clearly articulates the administrative and support services required to take us to meet our goals."

"The simultaneous approval of the Facilities Renewal Plan today will provide the physical foundation from which this plan can spring forth," she continued. The Facilities Renewal Plan identifies a $42.4 million expansion of buildings at Trent.

Strategic Directions 2014 was  supported at today’s Board of Governors meeting. For more information, visit the Facilities Renewal website.


For more information, please contact Brittany Cadence 705 748-1011 ext. 5371 or visit the Facilities Renewal website.