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Jane Dudas and Bill Saunderson Appointed Honorary Members of Trent’s Board of Governors


From the Board of Governors’ Meeting October 13, 2006, Peterborough

Jenna Lynn Burns, two-year recipient of Board of Governors’ Leadership Scholarship, introduced to the Board

Honorary Board of Governors

The Board approved the appointment of Mrs. Jane Dudas and Mr. Bill Saunderson to the position of honorary members of the Board of Governors for terms of ten years commencing November 2, 2006.

Board Leadership Scholar

Jenna Lynn Burns, two-time recipient of the Board of Governors Leadership Scholarship in 2005 and 2006 was introduced to the Board.  The scholarship, valued at $4500 each year, is awarded to students who have shown outstanding leadership and involvement in his/her community as well as high academic achievement. 

Jenna Lynn maintained a 90% average in her high school grades and has demonstrated her leadership skills by organizing a variety of activities for youth and advocates on issues affecting young people.  Commenting on why she selected Trent University as her destination of choice for undergraduate education she highlighted that, “I am always at home when I am here.  It’s amazing to be taught by professors who have seen and done more than I can imagine.  I really feel that I am receiving a great education and that when I leave Trent I will have an understanding of the world that will forever help me to succeed.”  Jenna indicated that her future academic plans could include the study of medicine.

External Relations and Advancement

Vice President Dianne Lister updated the board on the evolution of the new External Relations and Advancement portfolio including a review of its mandate, the organizational review process and priorities for 2006-07.

Statement of Affirmation and Support

The Board unanimously approved a statement of affirmation and support drafted by the Aboriginal Education Council and approved by the Senate, stating,

“Trent University honours the land upon which it is built, and its traditional occupants.  It celebrates the imaginations of Aboriginal peoples, their survival throughout the centuries, their knowledge developed over generations and their strength to endure.

Trent University has a long and distinguished history in the education of Aboriginal peoples and in the education of others about Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples.  Trent’s efforts and initiatives since its founding have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the creation of places of dignity and respect for Aboriginal peoples and their knowledge and to the fostering of dialogue and discussion about indigenous issues.

Trent intends to continue to lead by example and to remain at the forefront of higher education with respect to Aboriginal peoples, by fostering their development, their cultures and their knowledge within the University and in society.

Trent expresses pride in the achievements of Aboriginal graduates.  It seeks to attract Aboriginal students, staff and faculty, supporting them in their studies and their paths to their chosen careers.  The University encourages them to recognize the contribution that they in turn can make to their communities, to Canada and the world.

Trent University established the Aboriginal Education Council in 1993 to provide guidance and advice in these undertakings.”

The statement was also approved by the University’s Senate on September 26, 2006.

Update – Task Force on Endowment Lands Management and Governance

The composition of the task force was confirmed with the announcement of the following members who will develop recommendations on a model for managing and governing the endowment lands. 

The membership will include: Dave Morton as task force chair; Reid Morden, chair of the board of Governors; Bonnie Patterson, president and vice-chancellor; Bob Butterworth and Deb Nichols from the Finance and Property committee; faculty governor Peter Lafleur; former governor Bill Saunderson; one external member – Janet Dey from Toronto; and Don O’Leary, vice president, administration.

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