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Pathways to Success: Trent and Durham College Business Transfer Pathways Program

Trent University Durham celebrates first graduates of Pathways Program

Pathways to Success: Trent and Durham College Business Transfer Pathways Program
Pathways to Success: Trent and Durham College Business Transfer Pathways Program

Creating their own journeys of academic success, students of the Trent University Durham Pathways Program get a unique opportunity to gain theoretical and practical skills at both the university and college level. As the first cohort of the Business Transfer Program prepares to graduate this June, Trent University Durham sees growing success of this program ahead.

The Trent University Durham Business Pathway Program works in partnership with Durham College in Oshawa and presents students with the opportunity to start their post-secondary journey at college and obtain an Advanced College Diploma in three years before transferring to Trent University Durham for two years to achieve their university degree.  

Katelyn Cowling one of the Pathways students graduating at the end of this academic year, had no previous plans to attend university after high school. She attended college and received her first diploma and then decided to return to get an Advanced College Diploma in Business Administration. After returning to college she became aware of the opportunities that could be opened up by taking part in the Pathways Program with Trent University Durham.

VIDEO: To learn more about Katelyn’s Pathways story, click HERE

 “When I returned for my second diploma I was more mature and serious about school. I was finally enjoying school, and knew that in order to reach my professional aspirations, university was a must,” she said. “The Pathways program opened up an opportunity to go to university and complete my degree and not have to start back in first year. By attending college before university I feel that it allowed me to mature, and develop skills such as time management, organization, leadership, and a strong work ethic. These already gained skills made my transition from college to university seamless and very successful."

Adrian Rattan, another Pathways student, was made aware of this program at Durham College during his second year and knew that taking his education to the next level and getting a university degree would help him to reach his career goal in Human Resources.

“I transferred over to Trent Durham because I wanted to complete my degree in Business Administration so that I could get my CHRP designation,” he said.

VIDEO: To learn more about Adrian’s Pathways story, click HERE

Craig Cameron, academic advisor at Trent University Durham works directly with Pathways students to ensure that they meet all requirements to graduate. Mr. Cameron says the, “students that transfer from Business programs at Durham College into our Bachelor of Business Administration are well prepared to find success at Trent University Durham.  You can feel the excitement as they learn new and innovative ways to integrate their prior learning into our unique and comprehensive degree program in business.”

The Pathways program also offers a great partnership between two Durham post-secondary institutions, further demonstrating that students living in the Durham Region have vast opportunities to receive a quality education right at home.

 “Trent University Durham’s relationship with Durham College is continually evolving as we develop more transfer pathways between the two institutions,” said Joe Muldoon, head of Trent University Durham. “With successful graduates from both the GAS and, starting this year, the Business Administration pathways, we recognize this as an opportunity to explore additional pathway options and establish agreements that help students achieve their degree completion goals.”

To hear from other students who have experienced the Pathways Programs, visit our YouTube channel and to find out more about Pathways Programs at Trent University visit

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

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