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Joint Majors Offer Flexibility, Enhanced Career Options

Students can "create their own degree" at Trent

Joint Majors Offer Flexibility, Enhanced Career Options
Joint Majors Offer Flexibility, Enhanced Career Options

Heading off to university is an important part of growing up—but choosing what to study can be daunting, especially if family members or friends have their hearts already set on the perfect major for you. Or maybe you worry about choosing between two opposite, but equally interesting, paths of study.

What if there was a different option—one that allowed you the flexibility of having more than one major so that you could tailor your studies to both your existing and developing interests?

At Trent, we pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds through our joint major programs. Joint majors allow students to combine courses of study in ways both traditional, like English and History, and unique, like Indigenous Studies and Environmental and Resource Studies. With Trent’s well-respected arts programs and its growing prominence in the fields of Forensic Science, Nursing, and Business Administration, the variations of a joint major degree are nearly limitless.

Speaking of the popularity of joint majors, Dr. Ray Dart, chair of the Business Administration program at Trent, says: “Some students (and in increasing numbers) are thinking that they want one major in a ‘classic’ undergrad topic that they are passionate about, and one major in something that they think will have some obvious job relevance for after they graduate. Doing what you are really excited about is where you will do your best work, and doing your best work is where you need to be.... I also encourage students to take at least one course in their first year that they did not expect—something not obvious for them, something that doesn’t quite fit. I had a business student once who I talked into taking a classical history course in first year. At the end of first year, he informed me he was switching to Classics!”

Trent’s interdisciplinary focus also means that combining majors is something welcomed by several departments, as many courses are cross-listed across multiple programs. This makes the task of completing joint major degree requirements really easy at Trent.

Interested in the flexibility a joint major can offer? Start by checking out our full list of programs.

Top 10 Most Popular Joint Majors at Trent:

  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Biology and Psychology
  • Biology and Environmental & Resource Studies
  • Biology and Forensic Science
  • English and History
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Forensic Science and Psychology
  • Anthropology and Forensic Science
  • Business Administration and Psychology
  • Biology and Chemistry

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

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