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What Med Schools Are Looking for: Surprising Truth Gives Trent Students the Advantage


New Medical Professional Stream provides students with foundation for success in their application to professional schools

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Medical, veterinary and dental schools are looking for more than good grades – students with a well-rounded, interdisciplinary education and genuine care for their communities are in high demand and Trent University has responded with the introduction of the new Medical Professional Stream.

Launching this fall, the Medical Professional Stream is a four-year assistance program designed to mentor and prepare students who are exploring a future in medical-related fields to become the ideal candidate after graduating from Trent.

“The requirements for entry into medical school today are not what they once were. Academic breadth is now encouraged, in fact it’s required, by our medical schools,” says Dr. David Ellis, acting dean of Arts and Science, Science at Trent University, and coordinator of the Medical Professional Stream. “There is an ever-increasing number of successful applicants that have departed from traditional natural science based degrees; applicants with degrees in education, business and English are equally successful. Given that non-academic activities weigh with equal importance with those that are academic, the new Medical Professional Stream program at Trent seeks to provide students with four years of guidance and direction required in co-curricular, extracurricular, and other application related activities.” 

The Medical Professional Stream focuses on providing the support and mentorship needed to help each student with their own, individual path to medical related schools. Students will receive guidance to create specialized course maps that allow them to take the required courses to prepare for medical school, while continuing to complete the arts or science degree of their choice.

Starting in first-year, students in the stream will have the chance to meet with faculty and medical professionals who will help them seek out the best opportunities to gain the experience and attributes medical, veterinary, or dentistry schools want in their students. The program will help students undertake unique research projects they are passionate about, and connect them to local causes as volunteers, providing students with the support they need to prepare for the competitive entry process into professional schools.

Students in the program will also benefit from a number of practical training opportunities and information sessions that will equip them to succeed in their professional school application. From getting their CPR training and certification, to interview preparation workshops, and MCAT, DAT and PCAT study groups, the various elements of the stream give students a distinct advantage in whatever medical path they choose to pursue after graduation.

“This program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students who are considering a medical profession to have experiences within the field and begin their professional education at a much earlier stage,” says Dr. James Shipley, M.D., program consultant with Trent’s Medical Professional Stream. “This is a program that I would have loved to have access to when I was an undergraduate student.”  

Learn more about the Medical Professional Stream.

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