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Two Trent Students Take Up Annual Chinese Bridge Contest Challenge

Chinese language students once again take part in showcase of language skills

On Saturday, March 18, two students from Trent University’s Chinese Language courses travelled to Brock University to participate in the 16th Annual Chinese Bridge proficiency contest.

Trent International students Jutta Ronkainen 冉玉天, from Fenland, and Juyeon Oh 吳珠娟, from Korea, who are both part of  the Chinese CHIN 1002H class instructed by Dr. Shaoling Wang, successfully competed in this annual event that provides a stage for students to showcase their language skills. Students are tested in their language skills through a variety of challenges. First, students are assigned the task of giving a three-minute speech, followed by a talent show where students are to give a performance piece that is related to Chinese culture.

Since 2010, Professor Wang has been recommending her students to participate in this unique event, allowing them the chance to compete alongside students from other universities.

Last year, Trent’s Kyungeun Sung 成敬恩 from Korea was awarded second place in the competition –  Trent’s best finish at the event.

Though this year’s team did not win any of the awards, Prof. Wang was proud of all they accomplished and experienced by taking part in this year’s Chinese Bridge event.

“The two participants did not win any prizes, but they worked hard and were brave enough to compete with students who had studied Chinese for more than two years,” she said.

Taking part in this year’s Chinese Bridge event was just one of the many practical elements involved in Trent’s Chinese language courses this year. Students took part in everything from watching Chinese movies to participating in the Languages and Linguistics Festival at Trent University. Students also had the opportunity to work with Trent Radio to air student created radio shows.The shows will be aired by Trent Radio on Thursday, April 20 at 2 p.m.

Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017.

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