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Shad Valley Students Give Impressive Performance
July 7, 2007

Shad Valley’s Trent team shared their exceptional musical and dramatic talents in a special presentation for the residents of St. Joseph’s at Fleming on July 25.

The performers impressed residents with a rich variety of performances during the 45-minute concert, including singing duets, Shakespearean soliloquies, and individual flute, violin and piano performances. "This is the first time the Shad Valley Trent team has performed like this as a volunteer effort," said Sheena Symington, a program coordinator with Shad Valley.

One of the students, 16-year-old Caleb Leung from West Vancouver Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C., delighted the audience with his rendition of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Major on piano. "This has been an awesome experience," he said following his performance. "It’s an honour to be part of a group of such talented people."

Comprised of Canada’s best and brightest high school students, these performers have been participating in the Shad Valley program at Trent University for the past three weeks.

"I’ve enjoyed spending time in the Trent environment, which has such a stand-out location for a university," explained Mr. Leung. "The people I’ve met at Shad Valley are just great, especially Kingsley Hurlington." Mr. Hurlington is one of the coordinators of this year’s Shad Valley program at Trent and is also a full-time instructor in Trent’s Concurrent Education program.

Trent University is one of twelve universities across Canada to offer the Shad Valley program, which combines entrepreneurship with science and technology, and gives students an opportunity to attend lectures and workshops and get involved with group projects.