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Employers Provide Valuable Feedback to Trent Students
April 4, 2007

"That was my favourite thing I’ve done in university!"

What is this student referring to? Mock Interview Day, of course.

Over several days in March, the Career Centre worked with employers and students to match them up for mock interviews. Even though these were just practice interviews, students approached the experience as if they were being interviewed for an actual position. They prepared, with the help of the Career Centre, by attending a workshop on interviewing, by getting their resume critiqued, and by providing a job ad that they would be interviewed for.

Employers volunteered their time to "interview" the students for twenty minutes based on the job ad they provided. Then they spent ten minutes giving the students valuable feedback on what they did well and what they could improve on.

The following comments from students reveal that Mock Interviews were a valuable experience for them:

"The interviewer was very friendly and gave very constructive advice. It really helped boost my confidence for the real thing and let me know where I can improve."

"The mock interview really helped me. I would tell my friends about this event and hopefully they will sign up next year."

"I was well prepared and confident going into the interview. It was a great experience. It had a very real feeling."

Students weren’t the only ones who were pleased with the experience. All of the employers stated that they enjoyed being involved. It allowed them to "give something back" and to have a positive impact on a student’s future. It’s no surprise that they have offered to be involved again next year.

Due to the overwhelming positive responses, Trent University’s Career Centre looks forward to running Mock Interview Days again. Employers who wish to volunteer as interviewers should contact the Career Centre at 748-1011 ext. 1385. Students should watch for posters and notices in the Career Centre News announcing the event dates.