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Trentís WUSC Committee Rallies Students for Successful Clothing Drive
March 3, 2007

In just one month, Trent University’s World University Services of Canada (WUSC) Local Committee inspired their fellow Trent students to donate 15 large bags of clothing as part of their campus-wide clothing drive.

"The Trent community was very interested in the project and willing to assist in this effort," said Asha Poitier, one of the organizers. "This is only the beginning of our charitable activities, as we have many more events planned for the upcoming school year, including another clothing drive."

The clothing gathered through the drive will be donated to two community social service organizations, the Youth Emergency Shelter and the YMCA Women's Emergency Shelter.

"As an organization, the WUSC Local Committee is striving to raise awareness of issues that we see everyday such as poverty," explained Ms. Poitier. "We believe that efforts like these can make a difference, no matter how small."

For further information about the WUSC Local Committee, please contact Asha Poitier at ashapoitier@trentu.ca. Details about WUSC are available from their website.