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Trent English Professor Publishes Second Book of Poetry
March 3, 2007

Twenty-six years after unveiling his first published book of poetry, Trent English professor Gordon Johnston has published book number two. Entitled Small Wonder, the collection of poems was launched by local publisher, littlefishcartpress, on Wednesday, March 14. Over 50 people attended the launch, which was held at a local restaurant, and listened as Prof. Johnston read from his latest work.

Professor Gordon Johnston"His reading was sensitive, thoughtful and witty, just like his poems," said Leigh Kotsilidis, the book’s designer.

Small Wonder has been in production for over a year and features poems that Prof. Johnston has written over the span of his career.

When asked about his experiences writing poetry, Prof. Johnston said: "It's not that I enjoy writing poetry (although there is some pleasure in eventually getting the lines into a shape that seems 'good enough'), but rather that I'm obliged to write it. A certain phrase, or a line, or a few lines with a particular rhythm, occur to me and become urgent. That is, they insist on being expanded, tested, adjusted, reduced, rearranged. And sometimes with luck and work they turn into something accurate and alive."

Prof. Johnston was born in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay). He studied at Trinity College in Toronto and at Harvard University before moving to Peterborough where he has taught at Trent University for more than thirty years. His work of poetic fiction Inscription Rock was published by Penumbra Press in 1981. His play "The Death of Mozart: A Comedy" was produced by Magic Circus Theatre in 1988.