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Holocaust Survivor Dr. Eva Olsson Inspires Students
March 3, 2007

Despite extreme winter weather conditions, more than two hundred students turned out on March 1 to hear renowned speaker Dr. Eva Olsson discuss her experiences during the Holocaust, her subsequent liberation and life thereafter.

Trent history professor Carolyn Kay and Dr. Eva OlssonNot a single breath could be heard during Dr. Olsson’s talk, provoking thought and emotion in the students, faculty and citizens of Peterborough who attended the lecture. Dr. Olsson’s presentation portrayed the message to embrace one another and appreciate what each person brings to the world.

Third year History student Erica Hamel was extremely satisfied with Dr. Olsson’s lecture, saying, "Dr. Olsson’s story of hope really inspired me. She has such an amazing spirit!"

Third-year joint History-English Literature student Brandon Smith was also impressed with Dr. Olsson. "The integrity and the passion which Dr. Olsson displayed in her discussion really made me think about what I appreciate in life. As a history major, I really could not have asked for anything better than to hear Eva’s story."

Dr. Olsson was invited to Trent as Champlain College’s guest in residence to present her lecture on "A Woman’s Struggle Against Intolerance" at Wenjack Theatre. Dr. Olsson is a highly sought-after speaker who is noted for her powerful views on character development.

In her lifetime, Dr. Olsson has battled against the discrimination of being uneducated (as a result of her extreme Orthodox upbringing), of an interracial marriage, of being an outcast from her surviving family, of being an immigrant, a widow, and a single parent. During all of these struggles she has sought to deal with the haunting nightmares of the holocaust and she has emerged with a victorious spirit and the courage to bring a message of hope to young people.

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Trent history professor Carolyn Kay and Dr. Eva Olsson