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Meet School of Education Professor Cathy Bruce
February 2, 2007

Inspiring Our Future Teachers

In her role as a professor in the School of Education and Professional Learning, Cathy Bruce’s objective is simple – she wants her “students to be passionate about teaching and learning.”

Inspiring such passion becomes a more complicated feat, however, when you consider that Prof. Bruce’s area of specialty is instructing her primary and junior teacher candidates in the art of teaching math. It is an area that, according to Prof. Bruce, many students approach with trepidation, weighed down by their own difficult, challenging, or negative experiences learning math in elementary or high school.

“Math is a great divider in the world,” Prof. Bruce explains. “The perception is that some can do it, while others feel they can’t. So when people eventually find that power within themselves it is an absolutely priceless experience.”

It is this “priceless experience” that Prof. Bruce strives to create in each and every one of her classes as she works with her students to “find the passion within themselves to connect with math in new and exciting ways”.

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