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  Friday, 1 March, 2002  

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Alistair MacLeod Next Year's Ashley Fellow at Trent

Miracles or Mad Science?

Merit Awards for Faculty

Applications to Trent University Up

Simply Water? Conference provied forum for lively debates

Children's Lit Students Make the News

Spring Offerings in Continuing Education at Trent University

International Recognition for Journal of Canadian Studies

Peter Dawson Hangs with Cool Stars

Trent on CHEX TV


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Peter Gzowski

Voice of a Chancellor

Trent remembers Peter Gzowski

The Canadian flag atop Trent University's Bata Library flew at half-mast on January 24th, 2002 as the university community mourned the passing of Chancellor Peter Gzowski. Heartfelt messages poured in over Trent's Web site and filled more than one condolence book made available on campus. Despite a winter storm, a Memorial Tribute held February 12th drew a large crowd to remember the special man and his impact on so many through the medium of radio, his philanthropy, and his role as Trent's Chancellor. He spoke of a swelling in his heart as he pulled into the long drive at Trent, a feeling he described as "coming home." See story.

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