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Exceptional Residence Experiences on One of the Most Breathtaking Campuses in Canada

Residence LifeMikaela Armstrong approached her first day at Trent University with perhaps a bit more trepidation than other students. You see, living in Sudbury, it was difficult to make the long trip down to Trent in Peterborough, Ontario for a tour. As soon as she arrived, though, she breathed an enormous sigh of relief. She couldn't have been happier with what she saw. Immediately she felt like she had arrived home.

"I was really excited on the first day", she recalls. "Within the first hour, I was going door to door in my residence with a girl I had just met, introducing myself to everyone."

The first day at university can be daunting, but as Ms. Armstrong explains, there is so much going on at Trent that there just isn't time to feel lonely or sad. The support from older students and staff also plays a key role. Knowing someone is available just down the hall, especially after that first week ends, is reassuring as students know they have someone to talk to about anything from upcoming papers and exams to break-ups and future plans.

It was her fond memories of her first year in residence at Trent, and the stories of a favourite high school teacher, that led Ms. Armstrong to pursue the position of Don in her second year. A Don is the head-of-house at a university residence.

Fact: Trent University has five residential colleges, each with their own history, tradition and character.

Whether you choose Catharine Parr Traill, Champlain, Lady Eaton, Otonabee or the new Peter Gzowski College, a wide array of features and amenities are right outside your residence room, including academic and personal support, dining, and even classrooms and teachers.

“You can go to class in your pyjamas and flip flops – in the middle of winter!” exclaims third year Psychology major, Mikaela Armstrong.

"I really love it," she says. "It is great to meet so many new people and learn about the different colleges at Trent."

And the food is great too. In fact, in her three years living on campus, Ms. Armstrong is still impressed by the variety. From a quick snack to a full-course meal, meal plan options give students the flexibility to eat at their venue of choice across the campus, including cafeteria-style areas and a full retail marketplace with national brands such as Pita Pit and Pizza Pizza.

Overall, it is the convenience that keeps Ms. Armstrong coming back to residence at Trent.

"Everything is easy," she explains. "You don't have to worry about bills, transportation, or grocery shopping, everything is here."

It is this sense of ease that also rates high on Stephanie Wilde's list of residence perks. "Living in residence makes life easier," says the third-year Cultural Studies student and former Don. "With everything at your fingertips, it is an easier transition to living on your own and you have more freedom to have fun… and to study, of course."

Ms. Wilde spent her first year at Trent as a resident of Lady Eaton College. In second year, she returned to the college as a Don. Now in her third year, she is living off-campus but still remains involved in campus activities.

Having visited the University several times before arriving for ISW, Ms. Wilde fell in love with the natural setting of the campus. With over 1,400 acres of land situated on the banks of Otonabee River and over 30 kilometres of nature trails, Trent boasts one of the most picturesque university campuses.

"When I arrived at Trent, it just felt right, "she recalls. "I knew I could see myself living here for four years."

ShineramaLiving in residence is something Ms. Wilde would recommend for all first-year students, as it provides an opportunity to meet new people and to get involved in the Trent community and, as the co-chair of the 2005 Shinerama committee, Stephanie knows a lot about getting involved.

Shinerama is Canada's largest university and college student fundraiser and is a key activity in ISW. Last year, students at Trent University raised $20,000 for Cystic Fibrosis research by shining shoes and washing cars.

"People involved in Shinerama are making such a difference," says Ms. Wilde. "A cure is not far away because of the money we have helped raise."

Whether it is raising money for a good cause, participating in college activities such as sumo wrestling or the Lady Eaton Toad Hunt, or studying in a quiet room, it is clear that residence life at Trent University has much to offer. Above all though, it is the friendships that are formed here that leave the biggest impression because, as Mikaela Armstrong says, "this is where you meet the people you will be friends with forever."

For more information on residence life and housing at Trent please visit

One of Canada's top primarily undergraduate universities, Trent University is renowned for striking a unique balance between outstanding teaching and leading edge research. The University is consistently recognized nationally for faculty who maintain a high level of innovative research activity and a deep commitment to the individual student. Distinguished by excellence in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, and increasingly popular professional and graduate programs, Trent is dedicated to providing its students with an exceptional world view, producing graduates who are ready to succeed and make a difference in the world. 

Campus Services

  • Athletic Complex – pool, weights, aerobics, squash, tennis, playing fields, fitness training, and assessment. A $2.1 million upgrade saw the installation of a brand new artificial turf and track at Trent this past summer.
  • Peterborough Transit – allows students to travel all over Peterborough, as well as directly between downtown and Symons Campus
  • Health Services Clinic – provides professional health care and lifestyle counselling. No need to search for health services elsewhere - a total of eight doctors work shifts to provide healthcare services to students right here on campus.
  • Personal Counselling Centre – provides counselling services to all full- and part-time students
  • Disability Services – provides individualized support to students with disabilities
  • Telephone Service – included in fees, high-speed internet access optional at an additional cost
  • Career Centre – motivated and informs students in the pursuit of their ambitions
  • Refrigerator Rental – Housing Services provides access to rental fridges that can be delivered to and picked up from campus

For Your Safety, Security and Peace of Mind . . .

  • Emergency Campus Security Phones – 49 new Code Blue phones are located around campus to allow students to contact Security in case of an emergency, as well as make calls internally to Trent offices
  • Emergency First Response Team – a volunteer, student-operated service provides emergency response and first aid, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Walkhome Services – provides students with two trained companions for after-dark walks anywhere within 15 minutes of either campus

Photo 1: Stephanie Wilde, left and Mikaela Armstrong, right

Photo 2: Shinerama

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