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Finding a Community at Trent University

December 4, 2017

#FacesofTrentU: Molly Hu, Forensics and Chemistry Student

Molly Hu, Trent Forensic and Chemistry student smiling to camera

“I used to be a person that was more quiet, and now I think about the things that I do in my roles on campus and realize I am a person that comes to meetings, voices my opinions, and makes sure that my voice is heard,” says fourth-year Forensics and Chemistry student Molly Hu.

Coming to Trent as a mature transfer student, Ms. Hu wasted no time getting involved in the Trent community through clubs, groups and other activities to feel like a true, #bleedgreen Excalibur. She is currently the president of the Pre-Medical Society, vice-president clubs & external affairs with the Trent Central Student Association, a member of the Forensic Science Society, a sister of Alpha Pi Phi Sorority, and part of Trent’s cheerleading team.

“At Trent, there’s always a cause for something that people are working on or towards in their specific community, and that brings about so many opportunities and a great feeling of comfort being surrounded by such amazing people.”

Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the #FacesofTrentU series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.