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National Geographic Blog Features Photo by Trent Student

November 13, 2017

Meet a Trent Student: Ethel Nalule, Forensic Science and Psychology

A girl standing in a dimly lit room with her bare back exposed

Between academic pursuits as a joint major in Forensics and Psychology, second-year student Ethel Nalule makes sure to devote time to exploring and enjoying another passion outside the classroom – photography.

Recently, her passion for photography brought her some national attention as her photograph, Tactile, was featured in a National Geographic blog publication. Ms. Nalule says she has to thank her friends made at Trent for encouraging her to take up photography again.

“Trent is just full of positivity and encouragement and the people I’ve met while here have pushed me to continue doing what I love most,” she says.

Tactile depicts Ms. Nalule in a sunlit room with a bare back, a visual depiction of her experience with allodynia, a symptom of Lyme disease, "which means that I experience pain from pressure, so clothing, touch and wind all cause pain," she explains. The photo is part of a series to showcase her experience with chronic Lyme disease.

"Being a Trent student has helped my photography,” she says. “The people I've become friends with, and the general community have inspired me to be creative. They have encouraged me, given me feedback and have helped me every step of the way as I pursue photography again."

Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the meet a Trent student series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.