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Dr. David Sheinin to Receive 2016/17 Distinguished Research Award from Trent University

May 9, 2017

Trent History professor to be honoured at June convocation ceremony

Dr. David Sheinin smiles in while standing on a hill beside a city

Well-known expert on Latin American history, and History professor at Trent University, Dr. David Sheinin has been announced as the recipient of the 2016/17 Distinguished Research Award, one of the University’s top honours.

“For his research which makes an impact locally, nationally and globally, as well as his commitment to teaching and mentorship at Trent, we congratulate Professor Sheinin on this award,” said Dr. Neil Emery, vice-president research and innovation at Trent.

With six authored books, six edited books, 31 articles, 20 chapters in books, and countless media appearances, Prof. Sheinin is a sought-after expert on a broad range of topics. His research focus is on Latin American history which has led to wide-ranging field work, mostly in the form of interviews with Argentina’s Indigenous peoples, with political criminals from Argentina’s dictatorship in high security prisons, or with former boxers in some of the worst slums in Colombia. His work has been influential to the development of the field of modern Argentine history, specifically the history of human rights, international relations, and the Cold War experience in Latin America.

Speaking of Prof. Sheinin’s accomplishments, one nominator said: “David is no ordinary researcher, not even extraordinary, but just exceptional. He combines an immense capacity for work and for analysis, personal courage and the ability of bringing together different topics and disciplines.” Another nominator expressed that Prof. Sheinin is “a passionate advocate of Trent and has worked tirelessly to build our reputation as an institution renown for both research and teaching.”

Prof. Sheinin’s award nomination included references from globally-recognized scholars. Nominators called him “am outstanding and cutting edge scholar of modern Latin American history” with an “ability to inspire his students, deliver world-class research, and put forward award-winning books and cutting-edge publications.” Prof. Sheinin was also applauded for his “unequalled reputation as a mentor of grad students” in the History program at Trent and numerous nominators expressed Prof. Sheinin as a “preeminent research mentor – not merely of students but of colleagues,” explaining that it is common knowledge in the Trent History department that he’s the go-to person for advice on Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) applications.

Prof. Sheinin has also won numerous awards, most recently a SSHRC Insight grant for his research project titled, “The Plot to Modernize First Peoples: Indigenous Argentina Under Dictatorship, 1975-1985.” For his book, Consent of the Damned: Ordinary Argentinians and the Dirty War, he was also awarded the Arthur P. Whitaker Award by the Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies for Best Book in 2012, as well as numerous other research and teaching awards throughout his time at Trent.

In response to the honour, Prof. Sheinin said:  "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a number of remarkable Trent colleagues. Through their exceptional mentorship, teaching, scholarship, and leadership they've helped set my children -- as Trent students -- on paths to multiple successes. They demonstrate that there is no better education than what Trent can offer, and that the overused word 'transformational' can have real meaning. I've learned and continue to learn important lessons about my craft from these wonderful colleagues: Gillian Balfour, Kerry Cannon, Carolyn Kay, Kateryna Keefer, Barb Marshall, James D. A. Parker, Robyn Taylor, and Robert Wright."

Established in 1986, the Distinguished Research Award is given annually to a member of Trent’s faculty in recognition of outstanding achievement in research and scholarship. Prof. Sheinin will be presented with the award at Trent University’s Convocation ceremony on Friday, June 9, 2017 at the morning ceremony.