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The Great Debate: Trent Votes Offers Students Chance to Engage in National Election

October 16, 2015

All Candidates Debate at Trent University

Five local candidates and over 60 attendees were welcomed on campus this week in advance of Election Day. The Trent University Politics Society hosted the final all-candidates debate at Trent University’s Athletics Centre on October 14 where students were offered the chance to engage with candidates about issues that matter to them.

Ever-increasing student debt, unpaid internships, the difficulty of repaying loans and job prospects after graduation were all discussed, with each candidate sharing their ideas on how to resolve the issues that students raised.

“We were really happy with the turnout of this week’s debate,” explained Hilary Stafford, fourth year French Studies student and vice-president campaigns and equity at the Trent Central Student Association. “This was the last debate for candidates in the area and offered students a chance to discuss the issues that matter most to them.”

On Election Day, October 19, election polls will be set up on campus at the Athletics Centre where any students living on campus can vote and Trent Votes has arranged for buses to leave from Bata Library every hour between noon and 5:00 p.m. for any students looking for a ride to the polls in town.

About Trent Votes

Trent Votes is a new campaign co-created by Trent Central Student Association and Trent Politics Society. Their goal is to challenge the way Trent Students think about voting, politics, and elections. Lear more about Trent Votes at