Study Abroad Program in Nantes

The Study Abroad Program in Nantes is a joint program facilitated by Trent University and the University of Waterloo.  This program, designed for second or third year students majoring in French Studies at one of the three universities, allows them to pursue a year of study in France.  Students registered in the program receive all their regular credits from the university they attend.

The program is hosted by the University of Nantes.  The program is coordinated by the professors of the University of Nantes.  A Trent professor will accompany the students during their first two weeks in Nantes and will make sure that the students are properly registered in courses and ensure their accommodations in residence.  The Study Abroad Program in Nantes also offers the possibility of teaching assistantship.  Throughout the year students have the opportunity to accomplish a training program in a College in the region of Nantes.

The University of Nantes attracts over 30,000 students each year.  The University consists of fifteen large schools and a variety of programs.  Diversity is the main focus.

Nantes is an attractive and dynamic city of 300,000 people, situated on the Loire River, in the west of France.  It offers a fascinating mix of ancient and modern, of traditional life and technological innovations.  Paris is only two hours away and the main European cities are easily accessible.

  • Profit from this unique opportunity to travel
  • Immerse yourself in French culture
  • Make amazing connections and meet interesting people
  • Rapidly  and consistently increase your understanding  and communication skills in the French language


Certain courses at Trent are also offered in Nantes.  Others are taught exclusively in Nantes:

French Thought (FREN 3305Y)

Introduction to18th century French philosophers.

French Civilization (FREN – HIST 3505Y)

A survey of the history of France from prehistoric times to the present.

For further information, please consult the Academic Calendar and the Academic Timetable.

For further information on the Study Abroad Program in Nantes, or to register in the program please contact Martin Boyne  with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Trent University,and/or Kate Logan with Trent International Program who work together for the Study Abroad Program in Nantes.