Quebec Culture and Literature at Trent

The French Studies program offers several courses in Quebec Literature, from the 1000 to the 4000 level (Honours Program).  It is also possible to obtain a Specialization in Quebec Studies. Here is a list of the courses offered in Quebec culture and literature (specific to France):

Introduction to French Studies I (FREN 1101H)

An introduction to textual comprehension, providing a basis for the critical appraisal of francophone literary discourse.  Review of French grammar. 

Introduction to French Studies II (FREN 1102H)

Study of literary genres.  An examination of selected works and excerpts to provide training in textual analysis and writing of critical essays on francophone literature.  Review of French grammar.

French and Quebec Civilization (FREN 2451H/2452H)

A survey of the social and cultural histories of France from the seventeenth century to the present (2451H).  A survey of the development of a culture from la Nouvelle-France to present-day Quebec (2452H).

Quebec Theatre and Poetry (French 3231H/3232H)

A survey of the beginning and the evolution of the Quebec theatre, concentrating on twentieth-century work and beyond (3231H). A survey of the beginnings and evolution of Quebec poetry, from patriotic poetry to contemporary forms (3232H).

Quebec Novel from its origin to 1945 (French–Canadian Studies 3831H)

A survey of the beginnings and evolution of the Quebec novel from its birth in 1837 to the nineteenth century to the "terroir" novel to the first representations of the city.

Quebec Novel from 1945 to today (French–Canadian Studies 3832H)

A survey of the Quebec novel, from the end of World War II to contemporary times.

Advances Study of Quebecois Literature (FREN 4500Y)

Focuses on a specific topic linked to Quebec literature. Advanced study of the corpus based on relevant literary terminology.


Additional courses are being offered at Trent in the French Program.  To obtain a complete list of course offerings for this academic year, as well as prerequisites for admissions into each of these courses, please consult the Academic Calendar and the Academic Timetable.

If you have any questions, please contact Sylvie Bérard; the professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Trent University responsible for instruction of Quebec literature courses.  You can also address any inquiries directly to the department.