French Language at Trent

The French Studies Department offers a variety of French language courses at both an introductory and a specialized level (Honours Arts Program).

Here is the list of the language based courses at Trent:

Elementary French, I, II (FREN 1000Y, FREN 1001H/1002H)

An intensive course in oral and written French for students who do not have 3U/M or 4U/M French or its equivalent.  Relies on textual as well as on audio-visual and electronic support materials.  Not credited toward French major requirements.  Students whose level of French is judged by the instructor to be too advanced may not receive credit for this course.

French for Beginners (FREN 1010H)                                                 An introductory course for students with no previous exposure to French (who do not have 1U/M French or its equivalent). Elements of pronunciation, vocabulary and basic linguistic structures will be studied through dialogues and other exercises. Not credited toward French major requirements. May not be taken concurrently with or subsequent to any other French course. Prepares students for FREN 1001H.

Intermediate French, I, II (FREN 2000Y, FREN-2001H/2002H)

Focuses on developing functional oral and written skills through the use of multi-media resources and different types of communicative situations. Not credited toward French major requirements.  May not be taken concurrently with or following FREN 1101H and 1102H. 

Advanced French Grammar I, II (FREN 2151H/2152H)

Thorough review of grammar and (syntax in 2152H)Intensive practice in French composition.  Lectures will present fundamental grammatical and syntactic concepts and categories from a linguistic point of view.  Workshops will focus on exercises designed to ensure integration of these grammatical structures.  Seminars will focus on textual comprehension, stylistics and composition and will involve weekly writing assignments.

Advanced French I, II (FREN 3001H/3002H)

Study and practice of spoken and written French through a variety of comprehension exercises as well as compositions.  Online resources will be used. Thorough review of French grammar and syntax. (Emphasis on the production of various types of texts in FREN-3002H).Not credited toward French major requirements.

Translation (FREN 3050Y)

Theory and practice of the techniques of translation.

Applied Linguistic and Phonetics (FREN 3150Y)

Using a multimedia classroom environment, this course will focus on the complex sentence and tense concordance to explore writing techniques and to expand from a complex sentence to a well-organized paragraph.  Phonetics will be introduced to present students with tools to correct pronunciation.

Discourse Analysis (FREN 4150Y)

Using a multi-media classroom environment and individual and group exercises, this course will use short literary texts (poems, plays and prose) to analyze contextual meaning, lexical fields, the marks of subjectivity and expressiveness, some figures of speech/rhetorical figures, tones and registers, and many elements of narratology.

There are additional courses being offered at Trent in the French Program.  To obtain a complete list of course offerings for this academic year, as well as prerequisites for admissions into each of these courses, please consult the Academic Calendar and the Academic Timetable (available in English only).