Emphasis in Linguistics

The Emphasis in Linguistics enables students to add to their programs a series of courses designed specifically to complement their studies in a language or languages. The basis of the program is the first-year introductory course in linguistics, and then students may choose from a variety of courses offered by Modern Languages, English Literature, Anthropology and Ancient History and Classics and other departments, which will allow them to pursue more specific interests in language and linguistics.

Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements for a General or Honours degree in any subject may apply for and Emphasis in Linguistics if they successfully completed MODL 1000Y or 1001H and 1002H, plus 3.0 credits from the following courses:

  • ANTH 2311H/2312H
  • ANTH 3090H
  • CHIN 1000Y/1002H
  • ENGL 3100Y/3102Y/3103H
  • ENGL 4100Y/4101H
  • FREN 2150Y*
  • FREN 2151H/2152H/3150Y/4150Y
  • GREK 1000H/1001H
  • LATN 1000H/1001H
  • MODL 2001H
  • MODL-ANTH 2010H/2020H/
  • MODL 3050H/3060H
  • MODL-ANTH 3860H
  • PHIL 4410H
  • PSYC 3451H/4451H/4570H

- Other FREN, GRMN, or HSST courses with sufficient linguistic content by permission of program coordinator

- Other courses in linguistic anthropology, Old or Middle English, philosophy of language, or psycholinguistics by permission of program coordinator.

* No longer ofiered


Program Coordinator:

Dr. Martin Boyne

Office: EC N123

(705) 748-1011 x7634



Dr. Martin Boyne
LEC N123
(705) 748-1011, x7634