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Modern Languages & Literatures

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers programs in French, German, and Hispanic Studies, as well as an Emphasis in Linguistics. These programs enable students to begin or deepen their knowledge of a second language and then explore great works of literature in their original tongue. In addition to these programs, Chinese language courses are currently offered in Peterborough and Oshawa campuses, and Arabic is offered in summer in Oshwa.

Why study other languages?
While English is broadly accepted internationally, other languages are immensely useful in travel, business and in further academic studies.

A second language (or more) is something many employers look for in prospective employees. Fluency in another language allows for the study of great works of literature in their original language, which conveys more of the author's intent than even the best translation. In addition, classics in fields such as philosophy, history, politics and the arts, can be studied in their original forms.

Students looking forward to graduate study in many fields often find that reading competence in a second language is useful in their research, and may even be a requirement for the completion of a graduate degree.


French Studies