There are many resources and opportunities available for current students. All are welcome.

The Math Resource Room (located in GCS 338) is often bustling with students. It's a central meeting place for many of our math students. This room houses a small collection of textbooks and a number of computers with mathematical and statistical software, such as Maple and STATA, for students to use. Tutors are also available throughout the Fall/Winter semesters to help students with their math courses. The current tutoring schedule can be found here.

There is also the math club (MASCOT) run by the department's undergraduate students. MASCOT organizes activites throughout the year and encourages interested students to join. Connect with MASCOT through facebook here.

There are also part-time employment opportunities for students such as marking, tutoring and working under the work-study program. For more information, please visit here or inquire at Most of the department's employment offerings become available in late August and early September of every year. There are also volunteer opportunities to help with the department's outreach endeavours, university-wide open house or MASCOT.

Students with questions can visit the math office (located in GCS 346) or faculty office hours. Faculty office hours are on a first-come-first-serve basis; that is, no appointments necessasry. Office hour schedules are posted on each faculty member's office door.  

The department encourages students to get involved and start up a conversation with fellow peers, graduate students and faculty members.

A picture of the math resource center with our students hard at work on their homework assignment.

Math student Samantha Leigh dsiplaying her Gzowski pride.