The beauty of mathematics inspires much of the multi-faceted and interdisciplinary research conducted in the department. The department's collegial research environment is evidenced by co-supervision of graduate students, joint faculty projects and collaborative work amongst graduate students. Faculty members are always happy to answer questions from inquisitive minds.


Active areas of research include

* An example of Professor Zhou's research:

In the paper, Molloy and Thron (An asymptotically tight bound on the adaptable chromatic number, Journal of Graph Theory 71, 2013) asked whether there exist k-critical graphs with adaptable chromatic number k-1. Professor Zhou constructed such graphs for all k. The above picture (created in CorelDRAW) depicts a 4-critical graph with adaptable chromatic number 3. When the vertices of the graph are colored with the three given colors (red, blue or brown), there is an edge whose color is the same as both of its end points.


Research opportunities for graduate students are available through the university's Applied Modelling and Quantitative Method program (AMOD), which offers a Masters' degree in either a thesis-based or course-based stream. Doctoral degrees are offered through the Trent-Queen's collaboration graduate program.


Examples of graduate student research thesis titles are:

  • SMOTE and Performance Measures for Machine Learning Applied to Real-time Bidding  (Ben McInroy, supervised by Professor Feng)
  • SPAF-network with Saturating Pretraining Neurons (Hasham Burhani, supervised by Professor Feng)
  • Stability Properties of Disease Models under Economic Expectations (Wisdom Avusuglo, supervised by Professors Abdella and Feng)
  • Stability study for a class of Two-Innovation Diffusion Systems (Lu Zhang, supervised by Professor Feng)
  • A Modified Genetic Algorithm and Switch-Based Neural Network Model Applied to Misuse-Based Intrusion Detection (Ian Stewart, supervised by Professors Akl and Feng)
  • The Effect of Listiing a Stock on the S&P 500 Index on the Stock's Volatility (Bex Williams, supervised by Professors Cater and Pollanen)
  • The Long-Term Financial Sustainability of China's Basic Pension System (Lin Song, supervised by Professors Cater and Pollanen)
  • Sinc-Galerkin Methods for Boundary Value Problems (Yasaman Mohseniahouei, supervised by Professors Abdella and Pollanen)
  • Empirical Results on the Relationship between Education and Health (Ryan Kwan, supervised by Professors Cater and Pollanen)
  • Modelling Drought Option Contract Prices (Jielin Zhu, supervised by Professors Abdella and Pollanen)