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We have some very sad news to share with members of the Trent Mathematics community. On August 10, 2017, our colleague and friend, Dr. Bing Zhou, passed unexpectedly. Please click through for more details.

Mathematics: Practical, Philosophical, Personal

"Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Trent University. The department is committed to excellence in teaching, research and professional services. We have a tradition of collegiality between faculty and students.  All members of the department are energetically-dedicated to providing students a high quality educational experience. Students benefit from the pleasant learning environment, individual faculty direction and various volunteer, outreach and research opportunities.

Mathematics is an important foundation in many subject degrees. Consequently, the math department plays an important role in the university in offering both service courses to multiple disciplines and various degree programs in mathematics. The department promotes collaboration of teaching and research at the university, national and international levels. 

I encourage you to explore the department’s website and learn more."

Professor Wenying Feng, Chair


First-year Forensic Science

Learn more about Trent's introductory Mathematics courses with Professor David Poole

Math forges powerful tools which are used in every area of science.

More than just a study of numbers and a rote approach to equations and problems, mathematics will open new perspectives on your world that you never dreamed possible.

Imagine learning about the systems and structures that underpin all of nature, allowing you to develop a whole new way of looking at flowers and plants. Imagine learning about the fundamental structure of the universe, and the limits of human reason. Mathematics is a profound exploration of the cosmos and an adventure of the human spirit.

Mathematics is the exploration of abstract mental universes and the application of pure reason. Math involves logic, not just numbers. Computation (the ability to do calculations) is an important basic skill, but math is not about computation any more than English is about spelling or music is about playing scales.

  • differential equations describe change and growth, and are of universal importance. They are essential to fluid dynamics, global climate change, ecosystem modelling, and celestial mechanics
  • combinatorics, the study of finite patterns and structures, is used to design communications networks and optimize computer software
  • number theory is used to develop methods of transmitting sensitive information over the Internet
  • differential geometry is the study of curved space and is fundamental in modern relativistic cosmology
  • functional analysis is the basis of all quantum theory
  • probability theory studies random processes, from molecular lattices to stock markets

The Trent advantage

The Math Department at Trent University is a community of dedicated and highly-trained individuals. Small class sizes and a friendly, informal environment offer students a unique opportunity for invaluable one-on-one interaction with professors.

Add to this the breathtaking scenery on campus and the rich student life at Trent, and you have a combination that is unparalleled. Let Trent provide you with the space to realize your dreams and fuel your potential.

Future considerations

Your math degree from Trent could put you into one of these exciting career fields:

  • financial risk management and portfolio analysis
  • data analytics and big data
  • civil service such as CSEC or Defense
  • communications and cryptography
  • software developer
  • education (secondary or post-secondary)
  • mathematical physics and astronomy
  • logistics and operations research
  • genomics, proteomics, and mathematical biology
  • ecological modeling and risk assessment