Trent University

Please apply to Trent if you wish to be supervised by the following faculty:


Igor M. Svishchev, Professor

Theoretical and experimental investigation of supercritical water and its many applications including SCW-oxidation technology. Email Igor Svishchev

Andrew Vreugdenhil, Associate Professor

Development and characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic materials for applications in sensors, coatings and interface modification. Email Andrew Vreugdenhil

Physics and Astronomy

Bill Atkinson, Associate Professor, Condensed Matter Physics

Computational and theoretical models of high temperature superconductors and strongly correlated electronic materials. Email Bill Atkinson

Suresh Narine, Professor, Biomaterial Physics

Biomaterials precursor synthesis, formulation and materials characterization. Email Suresh Narine

Ralph Shiell, Associate Professor, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 

Atomic, molecular and optical physics, the manipulation of quantum states using laser radiation. Email Ralph Shiell

Alan Slavin, Professor Emeritus, Condensed Matter Physics Email Al Slavin

Aaron Slepkov, Assistant Professor, Biomaterial Physics

Photonic characterization and imaging of biomaterials. Email Aaron Slepkov

Rachel Wortis, Associate Professor, Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed matter theory: superconductivity and strongly correlated electrons. Email Rachel Wortis

Adjunct Faculty and Honorary Associates (not available as Primary Supervisor)

Mike Illes, Forensic Science

Forensic crime scene investigation. Email Mike Illes

Matthew Thompson, Chemistry

Physical chemistry of transition metals and ionic species. Email Matthew Thompson

Bryan van der Ende, Physics

Basic and applied research in optical spectroscopy of materials, and neutron field measurements. Email Bryan van der Ende

Paul Wilson, Biology

Wildlife forensic science; landscape genetics; and functional genetics of clock genes in natural populations. Email Paul Wilson


University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Please apply to UOIT if you wish to be supervised by the following faculty:

Faculty of Science

Dario Bonetta, Associate Professor, Biology

Biologically based materials derived from plant and bacterial sources. Development of novel materials by genetic engineering of synthetic enzyme complexes. Email Dario Bonetta

Yuri Bolshan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry, novel methodologies, synthesis of natural products. Email Yuri Bolshan

Anatoli Chkrebtii, Professor, Physics 

Computational quantum physics of the solid state and its surfaces. Email Anatoli Chkrebtii

Hendrick W. de Haan, Assistant Professor, Physics

Modeling and computer simulations to examine biophysical systems – often with nanotechnology applications. Email Hendrick de Haan

Jean-Paul Desaulniers, Associate Professor, Chemical Biology 

Nucleic acid chemistry; chemical biology. Email Jean-Paul Desaulniers

Brad Easton, Associate Professor, Chemistry 

Electrochemistry, fuel cells, sensors. Email Brad Easton

Franco Gaspari, Assistant Professor, Physics 

Materials and devices research and development of amorphous silicon and carbon, and nano-crystalline materials. Email Franco Gaspari

Fedor Naumkin, Associate Professor, Chemistry 

Computational nanoscience, clusters, molecular interfaces. Email Fedor Naumkin

William R. Smith, Dean Emeritus of Science

Computational science; molecular-level modelling and simulation of fluids using high-performance tools; theoretically-based approaches for predicting thermodynamic properties using macroscopic and statistical mechanical tools.

Isaac Tamblyn, Assistant Professor, Physics

Theory of nanostructured materials and devices for renewable energy applications. Artificial photosynthesis and water splitting. Email Isaac Tamblyn

Liliana Trevani, Associate Professor, Chemistry 

Electrochemistry, thermodynamics, supercritical fluids and materials science. Email Liliana Trevani

Olena Zenkina, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Water splitting, oxidation catalysts design, SAMs for catalytic and bio-sensing applications. Email Olena Zenkina

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Remon Pop-Iliev, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering 

Design and development of innovative technologies for the manufacture of cellular materials and composites. Email Remon Pop-Iliev

Ghaus Rizvi, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering  

Polymers and composites processing and characterization; smart and advanced materials; compounding of colours in plastics; wood-plastic composites; "green" composites; nano-composites; processes and materials for tissue scaffolds and skeletal structures; corrosion of ceramic coatings. Email Ghaus Rizvi

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Brian Ikeda, Associate Professor

Corrosion of materials in molten fluoride salts; corrosion of nuclear waste container materials; electrochemical and physical degradation of fluorine anodes; localized corrosion of metals at elevated temperatures; stress-assisted corrosion cracking of metals; long-term performance assessment of materials; radioactive waste management. Email Brian Ikeda

Matthew Kaye, Associate Professor 

Applied thermodynamics; nuclear materials; high temperature materials chemistry; aqueous chemistry; physical metallurgy and welding issues. Email Matthew Kaye

Adjunct Faculty

Brian MacLean, Chemistry

Organic/inorganic synthesis of polymerizable molecules/ transition metal complexes; electrochemistry; electrocatalysis. Email Brian MacLean