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As of December 19th, 2014, Alexander Street Press decommissioned In the First Person. For rationale see the Alexander Street web page about this database.

In the First Person is a free, high quality, professionally published, in-depth index of more than 3,350 collections of personal narratives in English from around the world. Here you can search and explore the personal thoughts of thousands of individuals from all walks of life and through hundreds of years of history. It's a unique tool that can search such a broad swathe of human thought so easily.

It lets you keyword search more than 650,000 pages of full-text by more than 15,000 individuals from all walks of life. It also contains pointers to some 3,500 audio and video files and 30,000 bibliographic records.

The index contains approximately 20,500 months of diary entries, 63,000 letter entries, and 17,000 oral history entries.

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Approximately 25% of the index points to materials that are in copyright. These materials are not available without a subscription. Trent does not currently subscribe.

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Academic OneFile provides peer-reviewed, full-text articles and citations to articles, from the world's leading journals and reference sources. With extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects, Academic OneFile is both authoritative and comprehensive. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text with no restrictions, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly. Includes full-text coverage of the New York Times back to 1995. Updated daily. (from the website)

This is a database that is general and covers almost any topic. Some full text is included and a link to getit! Trent links to full text available elsewhere.

For help with searching options, click on "Help" within the database. You can re-use or edit searches by clicking on "Previous Searches".

See a list of publications covered.

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