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Subscription Watchlist for 2017-18

As each resource comes up for subscription we try to determine whether it is getting used, whether having the subscription in-house is cost-effective, and whether there are alternate resources that duplicate some or all of the content.  In some cases, we are seeing downward usage trends and want to monitor the trends.  As a result, we are putting some of the more expensive resources on a "Subscription Watchlist" to determine whether they should be renewed or cancelled for the subsequent year.

1.  Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Renewed OCUL June 2016.  Subscription term July 1, 2016 to Friday, June 30, 2017.

Usage statistics (Counter BR2: Successful section requests by month and title):

2013 – 393 requests

2014 – 307 requests

2015 – 221 requests

2016 – 7 requests (January – April inclusive)


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