Subscription Review Initiative (SRI)

Subscription Review Initiative Guide

For many years, the Trent University Library has struggled to maintain credible research and teaching collections in the face of annual budget cuts and steady increases in the cost of scholarly research sources. The Library must now take bold steps to reduce annual acquisitions expenses by a significant amount in order to ensure the sustainability of the collections in future years.

Consequently, the Library will be implementing a major process called the Subscription Review Initiative, or SRI . The Subscription Review Initiative starts immediately, and will continue for the next 18 months or longer.

This initiative is not linked to the annual budget review process. Any reductions to the Library’s annual budget allocations will be in addition to the reductions identified during the SRI. 

The SRI will involve a systematic review of all subscriptions: consortially-purchased e-journals, individually acquired subscriptions to digital and print-based journals and reference materials, and serial titles in other formats.

We have identified $200,000 – or 20% of the annual acquisitions budget – as the target amount to be recovered by the cancellation of subscriptions. In addition to planned and forecast cost increases, we are also anticipating increases in the currency exchange rate over the next few years, with the result that overall subscription costs could rise even further if left unchecked.

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Subscription Review Initiative Guide

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