Recent Acquisitions: University of Toronto Press Books

Trent University Library acquires e-books from the members of the Association of Canadian University Presses (ACUP) as these become available.  The latest publications from the University of Toronto Press are now available through this acquisition and include the following titles of interest to the Trent community:

  • Brothers or Enemies: The Ukrainian National Movement and Russia from the 1840s to the 1870s / by Johannes Remy
  • Canada and the Third World: Overlapping Histories / by Karen Dubinsky
  • Merchants in the City of Art: Work, Identity, and Change in a Florentine Market / by Ann Schiller
  • Naamiwan's Drum: The Story of a Contested Repatriation of Anishinaabe Artefacts / by Maureen Matthews
  • Primo Levi and the Identity of a Survivor / by Nancy A. Harrowitz
  • Private Profits versus Public Policy: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Canadian State / by Joel Lexchin
  • Public Anthropology: Engaging Social Issues in the Modern World / Edward J. Hedican
  • Sisters or Strangers, 2nd ed. / by Franca Iacovetta

These e-books are available by searching for the title in TOPCAT or through Scholars Portal Books.  To find more books from ACUP, search "ACUP E-Book" as a series in TOPCAT.