Warning About Phishing Email

Did you receive an email like the one below?  It didn't come from us! 

Trent's IT Department recently sent a message to the entire Trent community warning about these "phishing" emails.  The link in this message does not seem to cause any harm, but you should not click on it.  Contact IT help if you have further questions.

The Library doesn't send messages that your account is about to expire.  However, external individuals often try to access our restricted online resources through individual accounts.  If someone tries to login to your account too many times with an incorrect username/password, the account is disabled and an error message appears through your browser the next time you try - not via email.  It tells you there have been too many attempts to login.  In that case, contact LibraryHelp to have it reset.

Sample "Phishing" Message Received

Dear User,

Your off-campus access to electronic resources is expiring soon, therefore you must reactivate it immediately or it will be closed automatically. If you intend to use this service in the future, you must take action at once!

To reactivate your account, simply visit the following page and login with your university account. After logging in, your account is reactivated and it will redirect you to the library resource.

Link to login page.

If you can't login, please contact the Access Services Assistant at klovell@trentu.ca.


Ken Lovell
Access Services Assistant
Thomas J. Bata Library
Trent University