New Reserve Request Form

Posted on August 26, 2013

This summer we've updated a lot of our online forms.  The latest is the Reserve Request form.  It's a cleaner, simpler form with more back-end activity to help us keep track.

Find this new form on our Submitting Reserve Material page, under "Request Forms".  See the contact information on that page if you have questions.

Keep in mind our Spring announcements:

  • Only complete works are accepted for Reserve.  These can be any eligible item, such as a book or map.  They can be your own personal copies or a copy from the Library collection. 
    • Photocopies are now cleared through the Copyright Office and the instructor posts them within a LearningSystem course.  See the Faculty Copyright Resources page.
  • The E-Reserve database has been discontinued.  Articles that were using the system have been removed and returned to the instructors.  Check your email for information if you were using E-Reserve.  Contact the Copyright Office if you have questions.