Lockdown Drill at Trent Campus this Thursday 145 pm

Posted on September 24, 2013


To all students: Lockdown drill on Trent Campus Thursday at 1:45 pm
Please note that Trent will be conducting a lockdown drill at 1:45 PM on Thursday, September 26 at all three campuses including Bata Library.  The drill will last approximately 15 minutes.  This drill is not a live exercise.  There will not be actors simulating intruders. However, there will be messages broadcast over the emergency broadcast system including the library PA system. Be prepared for this interruption.

IMPORTANT:  The drill commences with an ECS (Emergency Communication System) announcement.  Since this is only a drill, students and staff are not expected to evacuate the library. However, students should look around to identify fire escape routes and secure areas, such as classrooms, office areas, etc, where you could go if an intruder were to come into the library.   In a real event, the first option would be to leave campus or your building if you can do so safely. The second option would be to find a secure location and follow the following lockdown procedures:

• secure the entrance(s) to your location by locking, barricading or tying shut doors;
• remove visual cues that the room is occupied by closing blinds and turning off lights;
• remove auditory cues by silencing mobile devices, turning off other sound sources like projectors and asking fellow room occupants to be quiet;
• direct room occupants to disperse and hide around the room to avoid presenting an obvious target;
• quietly develop a plan with the other room occupants to overcome the intruder should he/she enter the room.  Options include throwing things at the intruder and his/her weapon, distracting the intruder to allow room occupants to escape and physically restraining him/her until Police arrive.
Feedback or concerns after this drill should be sent to ecstest@trentu.ca
Thank you for your cooperation during this drill.