Criterion-on-Demand available for the Trent community

Posted on: March 4, 2014

Link to Criterion-on-Demand here.

Criterion-on-Demand is an online digital delivery feature film system that allows members of the Trent community to access films for teaching, research, and personal use. Users may stream or download from a wide selection of over 2900 films ranging from classic film, documentaries, international film, North American feature films, cult classics, and more. This subscription replaces the library's previous Criterion film license and represents no new costs for the library. Trent is one of the few universities in the province to currently offer this resource.

Criterion-on-Demand search page

Users can search for titles, or browse by title or subject. Films that Criterion holds the license for that are not available via Criterion-on-Demand can be requested  with a lead time of 2-6 weeks. Instructors requesting a film for class should contact with sufficient lead time of the 'showing date' so that requests can be met by the needed deadline.

Individual films will be loaded into TOPCAT over the coming weeks and will then also be discoverable via searching the library catalogue. Comments or feedback on this resource is welcome and should be sent to

Further information is available on the database information page for this item.