New Literary Sources Interface:

Posted on: February 28, 2014

Link to Artemis Literary Sources here.

Gale announces a new interface for our literature resources (MLA and LRC), with a fresh look and improved functionality.  It's called "Artemis Literary Sources".

The combination of the MLA International Bibliography (MLA) and Literature Resource Center (LRC) has been providing Trent users with powerful literary research material for the past few years years.  The extensive MLA database works with the full-text resources from LRC to locate reference materials, book chapters, and journal articles with one search.  The look and functionality was outdated, however; now it has a cleaner and more efficient design.

Here's how it looks:

Screen capture of the Artemis Search page.


Artemis provides workflow tools and features – term clusters, search assist functionality, mobile compatibility, interface translation, with an easier and more dynamic search.  See the database information page for details.

You'll find this product wherever there were links to the MLA and LRC previously: on the Databases A-Z list and on relevant Subject Guides.