Renovation of BL201

photo of BL 201 before the renovationsStarting over the Christmas break, the former small computer classroom (Bl 201) on the Main Floor of Bata Library is closed for renovations. It's expected to re-open later this term as an active learning space. 

The new collaborative classroom will be shared by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Information Technology, and Bata Library for instruction.  When not booked for official teaching & learning activities, the room is expected to be open for student use.

Here's what's happening:

  • IT has removed the computers from the room and re-deployed them in other areas of the University where they were needed.
  • Physical Resources has removed the furniture.
  • The room will be refreshed with drywall, paint, and new carpet.
  • A new electrical system will be installed in the floor.
  • New technology will include wall-mounted display units with wireless presentation access, a room webcam and microphone.
  • New, bright, furniture will be moveable and reconfigurable to meet the needs of a collaborative learning space.

This is a joint project by Bata Library, IT, and the Centre for Teaching & Learning.