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The Statistical Database System (SDBS) - is the Asian Development Bank’s central statistical database that stores macro-economic and social data of its developing member countries (DMCs). Data in SDBS come from statistical contacts that are mostly national statistics offices and central banks of the DMCs. We also store data from other international organizations databases and websites.

SDBS has annual data, from 1975 onward, on national accounts, prices, government finance, trade, balance of payments, money and banking, external debt, population, labor force, and social indicators. Other member countries' data on selected economic indicators as well as quarterly and monthly data of some indicators are also available. SDBS is updated continuously and new series are added based on emerging demands.

This Internet version of SDBS, however, contains only data that are freely accessible by the public, from 1988 to 2005. Those data that are in pay for access databases of other international organizations are not presented here.

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This database is maintained by the Asian Development Bank.

1975-onward (1 year delay - the previous year is posted in July)
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