OurOntario.ca is an online resource discovery tool - a portal to Ontario's digital collections - one place for users to discover, search, navigate and interact with digital content about and from Ontario. Text, audio, video and image digital materials about Ontario history, heritage and culture, of interest to researchers, students, genealogists, educators, information professionals and the general populace that has until now only been available locally is globally accessible and discoverable via the OurOntario.ca portal.

You can search thousands of digital resources available from a range of diverse cultural organizations without actually needing to know where the digital content is located. Search results link you to the digital collections residing on the participating contributor's website.

Scope of OurOntario.ca Collections

  • The digital resources available through the OurOntario.ca portal includes material about Ontario, or digital resources in the custody of libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, heritage and community groups, and from private collections in Ontario.
  • The subject matter of the digital resources accessible via OurOntario.ca is inclusive of all facets of Ontario life and culture, history, government, business and scientific heritage. OurOntario.ca also points to Ontario content from collections in other parts of the country.
  • Digital resources available on OurOntario.ca are in the public domain, or comply with Canadian copyright regulations.
  • Ownership of the digital resources available through or hosted by OurOntario.ca remains with the originating site or contributing institution.

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This online resource is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture, as part of Knowledge Ontario.