MLA International Bibliography (Modern Languages Association)

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The MLA International Bibliography is no longer available from the Trent Library.  Our subscription ended in February 2016.

Accessed through the Gale website as part of Artemis Literary Sources, the MLA database is integrated with the full-text sources in Literature Resource Center to provide wider access to literary information with one search.

The MLA International Bibliography (produced by the Modern Language Association) indexes books, articles and dissertations published on modern languages, literature, folklore, and linguistics, providing coverage from 1926 to the present. Over 4,400 international journals and series are covered, as well as books from over 1,000 publishers.

Subjects covered include:

  • literature
  • language and linguistics
  • folklore
  • literary theory & criticism
  • dramatic arts
  • historical aspects of printing and publishing
  • rhetoric
  • composition
  • history, theory and practice of teaching language and literature.

It includes the MLA Thesaurus and the MLA Directory of Periodicals, which lists detailed information on over 5,500 journals, including over 4,400 indexed in the Bibliography

The MLA Bibliography is NOT a full-text database.  It identifies items, but it doesn't provide them.  Use the information provided by Get It! Trent or the Literature Resource Center to locate the full text.

See the information page on Artemis Literary Sources for more information on searching and limiting.

There are embedded links to full text resources, as well as a Get It! Trent button for linking to our online journals and searching TOPCAT (for book chapters).


The Thesaurus authority file is is a controlled vocabulary thesaurus that assists in more effectively searching the MLA database. Subject headings, as well as cross-references terms, assist in finding the most appropriate subject heading. You can browse this list alphabetically, or as Relevancy Ranked (keyword search).

Indexes assist in locating titles, authors, publications, etc.

Links to Getitbutton and TOPCAT records. Note: The MLA indexes both journals AND books. The Get it! link only appears for articles, because it cannot locate books. In the case of citations to books, find the title of the book in italics, and search for it in TOPCAT.

Gale has a mobile app that can be used to search MLA.

Stable URL: 

A stable url (or durable link) is a link that connects an end-user to a particular item in a database or on the web.

At the bottom of a full record, find a link that says, "Document URL". This will link you back to this item.

To ensure off-campus access, be sure the proxy address is included. You should see "" embedded in the url.

If not, add the proxy prefix to the front of the url:

It would then look like:

Note that this url only gets you to the MLA record for the item, which is different from the full text of the item.  If you want to link to the full text, follow the link from the database to find the text, then use the durable url for that site.  The article shown here, for instance, is available from MUSE, Scholars Portal Journals, and Academic Search EliteGet It! Trent links you to those options, where you can find the durable url.

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