License Information Database


A database to help us know the distribution rights associated with products we purchase.

Search for a package by name to see the rights associated with that license. Use the information provided to see if it's allowable to include material in:

  • Blackboard / Learning System (Trent's Course Management System), or
  • printed coursepacks.

The database also specifies:

  • if links can be created to specific items within the package (most allow this, but a few do not), or
  • if our library is permitted to loan material via Interlibrary Loans.

This database functions only at a package level. Use Get It! Trent Journal Titles Online to search at the journal level. When you search for a journal, information on usage rights is displayed for each licensed provider, with links back to the License database.

This database is currently under construction; information is not yet included for every license we have.


The database is also known as the Online Usage Rights Database (OUR).

This information includes only licensed products purchased by the library. It does not cover general copyright regulations or fair dealing access. Our Copyright page provides Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material and information on how obtain copyright clearance.