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DeGruyter is a German academic publishing house. In 2011 DeGruyter acquired BEPress journals, access to the BEPress journals can now be done either through Scholars Portal (preferred) or directly through the DeGruyter site. There is a slight delay in coverage between Scholars Portal and DeGruyter with the most recent articles in a journal being available via DeGruyter before they appear in Scholars Portal.

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A stable url (or persistent link) is a link that connects a user to a particular item in a database or on the web.  

Via Scholars Portal:

1. There is a Permalink at the bottom of each record which is a stable url for that article.

If it doesn't already include the proxy information, add the proxy prefix to the beginning:


2. Many journals in Scholars Portal Journals also use the DOI system to create a stable link.

To link to a particular article via DOI, look for the line that provides a doi and use it create a link.

DOI: 10.1080/10811680.2011.536498

To ensure off-campus access, include the proxy prefix:

DeGruyter is also DOI compliant.

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