Canadian Business Resource


Business information in 2 sections:

  • Corporate and Executive Profiles
    • Over 120 industry leaders have been invited to publish in-depth Corporate Profiles.
    • Explains in detail who the company is, what it does, how it grew and developed into a successful corporation, and its current role in the Canadian economy.
    • Also highlights top executives and board members and profiles one or more company leaders.
  • Database Search - over 6,500 top Canadian companies. Information on:
    • contact information
    • names of directors & officers
    • brief company description
    • financial data
    • NAICS codes
    • email & website
    • press releases, stock analysis, investment information.

Database records are exportable.


The Profiles section is publicly available, but the Database requires a subscription; Trent has a subscription.

Update Frequency: 
Several times per week.
Stable URL: 

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